The United Kingdom Primary Immunodeficiency Network is the professional body for United Kingdom Immunologists, Specialist Nurses and Healthcare / Academic Scientists in the UK. UKPIN is a registered charity (1164466) and a registered company (9273983). UKPIN has the overall aim of Advancing Care in Primary Immunodeficiency. Full details can be found of the UKPIN Steering Committee Members below and our constitution is available here.

Present Steering Committee

Name Position Role Start term date Demit date
Peter Arkwright Member Information 2015 2018
Claire Bethune Honorary Secretary Accreditation 2011 2018           
Matthew Buckland Member Registry 2011 2017
Christine Symons Member 2015 2018
Bill Egner Member 2015 2018
Tomaz Garcez Chair 2014 2018           
Gavin Spickett Member 2015 2018
Kimberly Gilmour Member UKPIN Meeting 2015 2018
Richard Herriot Member 2017
Rashmi Jain Treasurer             2014 2018
Stephen Jolles Member Guidelines            2014 2017
Ravishankar Sargur Member 2014 2017
Sara Marshall Member 2017
Suzy Elcombe Trainee Member 2013 2019



Front L to R: Peter Arkwright; Kimberly Gilmour; Rashmi Jain; Suzanne Elcombe 
Rear L to R: Tomaz Garcez; Ravishankar Sargur; Richard Herriot; David Edgar; Matthew Buckland; Claire Bethune; Sara Marshall

UKPIN Steering Group Disclosure of Potential Interest 2017
UKPIN Sub Committees