Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services Accreditation Scheme

Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services (QPIDS) is the clinical service accreditation scheme for primary immunodeficiency services in the UK and is run by the Royal College of Physicians. It provides primary immunodeficiency services with a supportive quality improvement and accreditation pathway and a robust quality assurance process.

For more information please visit the QPIDS website.

UKPIN Accreditation Committee



Claire Bethune Consultant Immunologist Plymouth
Tim Shaw Programme Manager QPIDS & IQAS
 Dimple Dave Manager Royal College of Physicians Accreditation Unit 
 Debbie Johnston Head Assessor Royal College of Physicians Accreditation Unit 
 Fran Ashworth Nurse Clinical Advisor to QPIDS & IQAS
 Sophie Hambleton Professor of Paediatrics & Immunology Newcastle 
 Ravishankar Sargur  Consultant Immunologist Sheffield

Consultant Immunologist 
Consultant Immunologist 
Update: October 2016

The QPIDS accreditation scheme is run by the RCP. UKPIN continues to provide expert clinical guidance to the scheme. Benefits of accreditation include service improvement and standardisation of practice. We will be pursuing enhanced payment for accredited services under the future national tariff for immunology. We have found that trusts have been very supportive towards services pursuing accreditation, including payment of the annual fee.

25 immunology centres have now registered for the QPIDS  accreditation scheme. Training days for centres registered with the scheme and assessors have been held at the RCP.  If your service is registered but you feel you need more support achieving the standards or completing the webtool this training day is the ideal opportunity to find out more and get support from the RCP accreditation unit. Please contact Tim Shaw to discuss further (

If you are one of the 11 UK PID centres not registered we would encourage you to consider registering with the scheme.  Even if you are not yet at the stage of achieving all of the standards, the aim of the web tool is to provide a framework to help services working towards accreditation and you will find the team at the RCP accreditation unit very supportive if you have problems in any particular areas

Tim Shaw  Programme Manager – IQAS & QPIDS
Claire Bethune  Clinical lead QPIDS