Lifetime Achievement Awards

UKPIN are delighted to introduce a Lifetime Achievement Award to honour and recognise outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the knowledge about primary immunodeficiencies, or health and wellbeing of patients with primary immune deficiencies during a career or over a lifetime. 

  • UKPIN Lifetime Achievement Awards will recognise outstanding individuals who have demonstrated sustained or unique commitment to the understanding and/or treatment of patients with primary immune deficiencies over a career or a lifetime.
  • Awards are for exceptional contribution, and there are no fixed number or frequency of awards
  • The award is not intended to honour academic contribution alone
  • Nominees may be doctors, nurses, scientists, patient advocates, or policy makers. 
  • Nominees must be or have been based in the UK
  • Nominees should be in the latter part of their career (either active or retired within the preceding two years)
  • Awards will be presented at the biannual UKPIN meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

2011:  Dr Helen Chapel

2013:  Dr Ron Thompson

2015: Dr Dinakantha Kumararatne

2017: Dr Gavin Spickett

How to Nominate an individual

  • Individuals should be nominated by two current members of UKPIN. 
  • Nominations may be received at any time and will be considered once a year (usually 1st September)
  • Nominations should include a one page summary of the nominee’s achievements and accomplishments, outlining the service that the nominee has made to patients with primary immune deficiencies or knowledge about immune deficiencies.
  • Supporting materials may be included.  This might include a CV, testimonials, or articles.  Copies of published papers should not be included. 
  • Nominations will be judged by a panel of at least 5 members of the UK PIN steering committee.  The judging panel will have the ability to co-opt other advisors as appropriate, and their decision will be final.